About us

Our experience and development are a guarantee of your success

“CRI Bulgaria” Ltd was established at the beginning of 2012 as a company for import and trade of genetic material and embryos for cattle breeding. The company is a representative on the Bulgarian market of three international companies, leaders in world genetics – GENEX (USA), Evolution (France) and AI TOTAL (Netherlands). In 2015, we established contact with the Belgian breeding association BBG and actively work as their representatives on the Bulgarian market. In 2017, we established contact with the Czech breeding association Jihočeský chovatel a.s. We are actively working with the Bulgarian plant for the extraction of seed material at the IASRZ, Sliven. The company is a partner and representative of IMV (Italy) and Minitube (Slovakia) for the Bulgarian market, and the company is a supplier of instrumentation and equipment for a number of institutes and laboratories in Bulgaria. Since 2018, we have also been importing live animals from dairy and beef breeds of cattle, as well as sheep and goats from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc.

We are especially proud that our team realized the selection, import and approval of a number of new breeds for Bulgaria such as Normande, Wagyu, Aubrac, Mouton Vendeen, Saanen, Alpine.

Today, the portfolio of “CRI Bulgaria” is extremely diverse in order to meet the needs of its customers most precisely. The product range includes seed material from dairy and beef breeds of cattle: Holstein, Red Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Montbeliarde, Dairy Simmental, Normande, Montbeliarde, Norwegian red, Ayrshire, Pie Rouge, Beefy Simmental, Limousin, Black Angus, Red Angus, Wagyu, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Charolais, Inra 95, Aubrac, Galloway, Salers, Highland, Salers, Gasconne, Piedmontese, Parthenaise and also goat seed – Saanen, Alpine, Boer.

In each of the activities of “CRI Bulgaria” the focus of efforts is to meet the needs of customers through a clear vision for the future, guaranteeing prosperity.

We are a dynamic team of professionals offering products, services and solutions that help you be more efficient and successful.

Our goals are:

  • An individual approach tailored to your genetic and reproductive programs.
  • Increasing the genetic potential of your herd.
  • High quality of the offered seed material.
  • To meet the individual needs of our clients through expert professional assistance.