Genomic testing

Precise is a genomic testing service for female animals based on the identification of SNPs

BG-Genomix and CRI Bulgaria are proud to introduce the Precise service – genomic testing of female animals based on the identification of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) or markers, and using their pedigree.

We have always been a leader in the application of innovative and original technology. This has been emphatically the case with the introduction and marketing of genomics.

Today, genomic sires are increasingly being used by progressive dairy farmers seeking to improve profitability and long-term sustainability. Health traits such as productive life, daughter fertility and somatic cell count are becoming increasingly important to the welfare and long-term profitability of dairy cows.

Genomic testing has given animal husbandry, especially the dairy industry, a mechanism to radically reduce the time needed to assess the genetic potential of animals and thereby increase profitability. With this tool, genetic progress can be accelerated by shortening the generation interval.

With the launch of Precise, we are the first genetics company to offer genomic testing services globally. This genotyping technology, together with a massive database, results in a significant improvement in the reliability of genomic evidence. Today, reliability of over 70% based solely on DNA is more the rule than the exception.

One of the biggest benefits of using Precise cow and heifer services is:

  • management of genetic traits associated with health traits
  • identifying females that have high genetic potential early in life, before they reach reproductive or productive age, therefore – maximizing their values
  • determining priority qualities in females at the beginning of life
  • reduces the generation interval
  • optimizes artificial insemination

Reliability with Precise ranges from 55% to 75% for the most common signs. These confidence values ​​are an expression of the percent confidence that the predicted values ​​will match the actual phenotype of the animal. Precise uses the low-density marker to genotype the female animals. Precise results will be generated based on the genomic database and will be available for use for the following breeds: Holstein, Jersey and Swiss Brown.