BG-Genomix carries out actual zootechnical, agro-economic consultations and practical actions

BG-Genomix carries out actual zootechnical, agro-economic consultations and practical actions in support of dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goat farms throughout the country.

Our mission is to extract the potential of the farmer, to support his development and improvement in terms of the technologies of breeding, nutrition, breeding of animals. So also the organization of the production and labor process, the quality of work, the selection of personnel, the selection of consumables and the selection of the right investments. In our activity, we use information and experience from leading American and European companies.

The consultant, as an external observer, can give a very accurate assessment of weaknesses and errors, which often go unnoticed in the busy production routine, but then become the cause of trouble, point out the problems, the sources of losses or mistakes. The consultant can very accurately and impartially assess the human factor – where he lags behind, what he can or cannot, or simply does not want.

The main function of the consultant is to stimulate and incite to better work, to better organization, to suitable and higher technologies. This, of course, requires being critical and not compromising.

BG-Genomix always provides written guidance, observational findings, analyses, recommendations and warnings. Provides various software programs for the management of dairy and meat farms, various forms and support materials for the accounting and management staff of the agricultural holding, conducts practical training for the staff.

The services we offer:

  • Zootechnical consultations, livestock farm monitoring, strategic planning, ongoing advice on reproduction, nutrition and management;
  • Organization of labor in livestock farms, operation and optimization of machines and equipment;
  • Comprehensive management solutions and human resources management;
  • Organization of seminars and staff training.