Eye Breed

Eye Breed is the 1st technologic innovation that allows you to inseminate without rectal palpation

For more than 70 years, the artificial insemination (AI) procedure has been performed by rectal palpation, which is based on the operator inserting the AI gun through the cervix and then applying the sperm into the uterine body. Eye Breed frees you from the manipulation (rectal palpation) and provides you with the opportunity to use this new technological method.
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Insemination without rectal palpation

Eye Breed is the only system available that allows the operator to completely avoid rectal palpation when inseminate cows. The procedure reduces stress and discomfort of the animals. It completely eliminates the danger of transmitting infections. Protects the operators from musculoskeletal disorders that are possible with classic AI and are avoided with Eye Breed insemination.

Quick training

This technical revolution allows the farmer to fully master the AI manipulation within 4 hours. This gives him the ability to inseminate his cows reliably, safely and with guaranteed better results.

Animal’s welfare

The humane treatment of both animals and operators has been improved. For animals the manipulation eliminates stress. For operators, it ensures ease of use, health protection, and better AI results.

Connected Insemination – Wi-Fi

Eye Breed is a tool that transmits an image to your smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection. This makes it easier for the operator to monitor and control the entire AI process. It also allows the diagnosis of various diseases of the reproductive system of animals. Allows photos and video recording of the entire process to be taken.
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