More than a gun, a new inseMination concept

Since 1946, animal insemination is a common practice in most types of breeding programs, but in 70 years the process has not evolved. Today, Elexinn creates XtremiA, a new insemination concept. Its special feature: reaching the best…revolution? Maybe… For sure, a true evolution in the field of ruminant insemination!

To touch the ultimate

This new system allows a gentle and easy penetration of up to 25 cm into the uterine horn, fully adapting to the anatomy of the animal. The system creates comfort of use, facilitates and does not restrict the operator.

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The experience of the inseminator at the heart of the process

XtremiA is a technique that requires a high level of technicality through the protocol used, as well as particular skills in the fine handling that the operator will perform with the tool.



Less iteration, more success

Application of spermatozoa as close as possible to the insemination zone makes the device particularly suitable when using sexed sperm (+10 to 15% increased fertility) or on animals that do not have ovulation disorders but have more than three AI (up to 16% increased fertility).

More than an insemination gun, a new insemination concept

XtremiA represents a true evolution in the field of animal insemination by combining a specific material allowing easy deposition of the seed at the end of the uterine horn with an ultrasound report before ovulation.
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